About US

About US

Moore Tomosoiu LLP is a limited liability legal partnership that was founded in 2005 and renders legal services in Romania under the Moore brand. The young and dynamic team delivers performant and highly competitive legal services to all clients, from individuals to major companies. Our main goal is to provide legal services of the highest standards through innovative legal solutions. 

We believe that the key element in providing valuable legal advice rests in being genuinely interested in understanding our clients, their demands, their expectations, as well as the peculiarities of each situation. 



MOORE TOMOSOIU LLP provides legal services mostly in commercial matters and with priority to foreign legal entities, so that it can be implicitly concluded that our experience is a consolidated one in the sphere of commercial activity, adapted to the specific needs of Romanian and foreign commercial companies.

Likewise we have extensive experience in litigation and other alternative dispute resolution procedures involving a wide range of cases.

Seriousness and respect for the client are values ​​that we strictly follow. Our law firm operates as well on the basis of confidentiality and accountability, providing its clients with high quality assistance in various areas of law.

Our clients are diverse. Our portfolio is comprised of both newly incorporating companies that decide from the very beginning to start the commercial activity with us, as well as consolidated and renowned clients with millions of euros turnovers operating in various fields of activity.

Signing with MOORE TOMOSOIU LLP means signing the legal assistance contract with both the lawyers in the company and with their passion for finding the best strategy for their clients.




Bd. Dacia, nr. 99, Girexim Business Center Building, 1st floor, sector 2, 020053 Bucharest, Romania